Interview Short Question Answers on Dimensioning

 Interview Short Question Answers on Dimensioning

Q1 – What is dimensioning?

dimensioning is the art of writing the various sizes on the finished drawing of an object.

Q2 – What is the importance of dimensions?

1) Dimensions conveys all the sizes and other necessary information to draw completely the object.
2) Manufacturing processes and inspection requirements need dimensions.
3) The dimensions also includes tolerances necessary for the correct functioning of the parts in the component assembly.

Q3 – What are the various notations used in dimensioning?

The notations of dimensioning consists of dimension lines, extension lines, arrow heads, dimension figures, notes, symbols etc.

Q4 – What is a leader or pointer line? How a leader should be drawn?

A leader is a thin continuous line drawn from the figure to show its location. It is terminated by an arrow head. The arrow head touches the outline. The leader is generally drawn at any convenient angle, usually 30º, 45º, and 60º but not less than 30º.

Q5 – Explain with the help of a simple sketch (i) size dimensions (ii) location dimensions.

 Size dimension 

The dimensions indicate length, breadth, diameter etc. are known as size dimensions. These dimensions are represented by letter ‘S’.
Location dimension 

The dimensions which locate the position of one feature with respect to the other feature are known as location dimensions. Distances between the center lines of the holes, distance of the center of a hole from an edge are given by location dimensions. These dimensions are marked by letter ‘L’.

Q 6 –What are the different methods of dimensioning?

There are two methods of putting dimensions.
1) Aligned Method: – In aligned system, the dimensions are placed parallel to the dimension lines, preferably in the middle and not by interrupting the dimension lines. All the dimensions are placed as per orientation of all other lines in the drawing.
2) Unidirectional Method: – In this system dimensions shall be horizontally in respective of the orientation of the line in the drawing.

Q 7 – What are the general rules of putting dimensions?

(i) A drawing should show each and every dimension.
(ii) A dimension should be repeated.
(iii) Dimensions are placed outside the views.
(iv) Avoid dimensioning of hidden lines wherever possible.
(v) Dimension lines should not cross any other line.

Q 8 –Which is the recommended method of writing dimensions?

Aligned system of dimensions is recommended as it is simple and easy.