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Fill in the blanks for expansion valves

in refrigeration increase understanding.

Expansion valves control the flow of

refrigerant as per cooling requirements.

Expansion valves reduce the condenser

pressure to evaporator pressure.

  1. Various expansion valves control the flow rate of refrigerant and also ————the pressure.

  2.  Expansion valve is fitted between the———–and the—————–.

  3.  Temperature of the refrigerant decreases in the expansion because of decrease in———-temperature.

  4.  Boiling point of the refrigerant increases with the —————–of pressure.

  5. State of the refrigerant after the expansion valve is mostly———-.

  6. ——————–is used as expansion valve in the domestic refrigeration units.

  7. Commercial refrigeration units use ————– as expansion valve.

  8. Low side————-valve is used as expansion valve in the industrial refrigeration units.

  9. High side ———valve is used as expansion valve in the industrial refrigeration units.

  10. Diameter of a capillary tube is only a few ————.

  11. Sensible ———bulb of the thermostatic expansion valve is tied at the outlet of the ————.

  12.  Automatic expansion valve maintains a —————–pressure in the ————.

  13. Thermostatic expansion valve maintains a constant degree of—————–at the outlet of the ————.

  14. Decrease in pressure in the capillary tube is due to ————effect.

  15. Diameter and ————–of the capillary tube depends upon the ————–difference between the condenser and the —————.

  16. A capillary tube can very easily ———–to stop the flow of refrigerant.

  17. Flow of refrigerant in the low side float valve increases as ——–increases in the evaporator.

  18.  Rate of flow of refrigerant in the high side float valve increases as ——–increases in the condenser.

  19. There is no ————-used with the high side float valve.

  20. Expansion valve used with the hermetically sealed unit is————————–.

  21. Refrigerant  flow increases with the increase of————–load in the evaporator.

  22. The flow of refrigerant increases with the ——– of pressure in the evaporator with the automatic expansion valve.


  1. reduces, 2. Condenser, evaporator, 3.saturation, 4. Increase, 5. Liquid, 6.capillary tube, 7.thermostatic expansion valve,8 float, 9. Float, 10. millimeters, 11. Feeler, 12. Constant, evaporator, 13.super heat, evaporator 14. Friction, 15. Length, pressure, 16.choke, 17.evaporation, 18. Condensation, 19. Receiver, 20. Capillary tube, 21. Cooling, 22. decrease