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Controls and safety devices in refrigeration are  extremely important to make the operation automatic and safe. Thermostat makes the motor off as soon as the pre-fixed temperature is achieved. Absence  of a thermostat will keep the refrigeration in working unnecessary resulting in the wastage of power without achieving any useful purpose. Safety devices protect the unit from damage. The filling of blanks for controls in refrigeration will increase the understanding as well as practical knowledge.

  1. Thermostat is connected in ——-circuit with the electric motor.
  2. Temperature, which is controlled by a Thermostat is ———of the evaporator.
  3. The feeler bulb of the thermostat is connected at the ———— of the evaporator.
  4. Motor ———at the cut in point of the motor control.
  5. Electric motor ——– at cut out point of the motor control.
  6. The difference between the cut out and cut in point of the motor control is called ——-.
  7. Oil pressure safety control stops the compressor motor at the ——of oil pressure in the compressor sump.
  8. High pressure cut out comes in action as the ———— pressure increases beyond the upper set limit.
  9. Low pressure cut out stops the motor as the—————-pressure decreases below the set limit.
  10. High pressure cut in comes in action as the ———— pressure decreases below the lower set limit.
  11. Low pressure cut in starts the motor as the—————-pressure increases beyond the upper set limit.
  12.  Increase of resistance in a series circuit,  ———— the voltage.
  13. When connected in series circuit, ———— current flows each resistance.
  14.  Number of currents, in a parallel circuit, is equal to the number of ————–in parallel.
  15. In a parallel circuit, voltage across each resistance is ————-.
  16. ————meter is always connected in series in the electrical circuit.
  17. ————meter is always connected in parallel in the electrical circuit.
  18. Fuse is a —————device in the electric circuit.
  19. Humidistat controls the ————–.
  20. Hygrometer is used to measure —– in air.
  21. Hydrometer is used to measure —– of the brine.
  22. Pyrometer is used to measure a very —– temperature.
  23. Anemometer is used to measure ——– of air.
  24. ———–to measure the viscosity of the lubricating oil.
  25. ———–decreases the humidity in the air.
  26. Silica gel in filled in the drier cum filter in order to————-moisture.

ANS: 1.Series 2.  Difference, 3.outlet, 4.Starts,           5.stops,           6.differential, 7. Decrease, 8.discharge, 9.suction, 10.discharge, 11. Suction, 12.decreases, 13.same, 14.resistances, 15.same, 16. Ammeter, 17. Voltmeter, 18. Safety, 19. Humidity, 20.Hygrometer, 21. Hydrometer, 22. Pyrometer, 23. Anemometer, 24.Visco-meter, 25. Dehumidifier, 26.absorb