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Fill in the blanks makes the understanding

of a refrigeration compressor deep and

clear. Thus, more fill in the blanks will

further increase the knowledge.

  1.  Compressor using a belt drive in a refrigeration system is —————.

  2.  In a refrigeration system, compressor  is the ———–of the system.

  3. The function of the compressor is to ————–low temperature and low pressure vapors.

  4. State of the refrigerant after compression is ——-pressure and ———–temperature.

  5. Compressor increases the pressure  because of decrease in—————.

  6. Type of Compressor used in the domestic unit is —————–unit.

  7. Most commonly used compressors in refrigeration are————, rotary and———.

  8. Use Reciprocating compressors for high———difference and low—————.

  9.  Refrigerant used with rotary compressor is ——.

  10. Use centrifugal compressors for ———pressure difference and high —–.

  11.  Refrigerants used with reciprocating compressors are R-22 and ——.

  12. Use rotary compressors for medium pressure difference and ——–volume.
  13. Various refrigerants used with centrifugal compressors are R-114 and R————-.

  14.  Boiling point of the refrigerant to be used with reciprocating compressor should be much——— 00 C

  15.  With rotary compressors, the normal boiling point of the refrigerant  should ——— 00 C

  16.  Normal boiling point of the refrigerant to be used with centrifugal compressor should be much——— 00 C.

  17.  Material of construction of the compressor dome is—————.

  18. Ammonia compressors are always ————- cooled.

  19. Piston’s  material of construction is—————.

  20.    ————is used for stopping the leakage around the valve stem of a service valve.

  21.  Freon compressors are always ——– cooled.

  22. Connecting rod  material of construction  is—————.

  23. Single acting compressor completes one cycle in —————-revolutions.

  24. ————–cooling in between the compressors improves the COP.

  25. When piston reaches the bottom of the cylinder, it is the ———dead center.

  26. Refrigerating capacity of the Compressor increases with the ———————of the compressor.

  27. Volumetric efficiency increases with the ————of the compressor.

  28. ——and————–are enclosed in the hermetically sealed unit.

  29. Speed of the compressor can be ————-by the use of a bigger pulley.

  30. Oil separator separates ——-oil from the ———–.

  31.  In a hermetically sealed unit, speed of Motor and compressor is ————–

  32.  The compressor speed  ———be changed easily in a Hermetically sealed unit.

  33. Domestic unit uses ———– as an expansion valve.

  34. Generally —————– valves are not used in a hermetically sealed unit.

  35.  Refrigerant will not  —————-in a hermetically sealed unit.


1.Open unit, 2.Heart, 3. Compress, 4.high, high, 5.volume, 6. hermetically sealed unit, 7. reciprocating, centrifugal, 8. pressure, volume, 9. Iso-butane, 10. low, volume, 11. Ammonia, 12. Medium,13. R-11, 14. Below, 15. Around, 16. above above, 17. Cast iron, 18. Water, 19. Cast iron, 20. Gland packing 21. Air, 22. Cast iron, 23.two, 24. Inter, 25. bottom, 26. speed, 27. decrease, 28. Compressor, motor  29. decreases, 30. lubricating, refrigerant, 31.same, 32. Cannot, 33.capillary tube, 34. Service, 35. leakage