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    NOZZLE HIGHLIGHTS        Nozzle & diffuser-1          Nozzle & diffuser-2 NOZZLE HIGHLIGHTS  It  converts pressure into kinetic energy. No work done in a nozzle. There is no energy transfer in a nozzle. Nozzle is considered horizontal unless otherwise stated i. e. Z1 = Z2 Convergent nozzle is used in industry as spray nozzles. All air […]


    NOZZLE AND DIFFUSER-2        Nozzle & diffuser-1          Nozzle highlights            Steam nozzles   NOZZLE AND DIFFUSER-2 Keywords: Nozzle-diffuser-efficiency-velocity coefficient COMPARISON OF NOZZLES AND DIFFUSER Nozzle                                                 DIFFUSER Boundary layer is thin                      Boundary layer is thick. Has negligible friction                      Has more friction. Has favorable […]


    * STEAM NOZZLES        Nozzle & diffuser-1          Nozzle & diffuser-2          Nozzle highlights   STEAM NOZZLES NOZZLES A nozzle is a passage of variable cross section. A nozzle is used to produce high velocity jet by converting   (i) Pressure energy into kinetic energy   (ii) Enthalpy into kinetic energy   (iii) Solar energy into electrical energy […]

  • Boundary Layer Separation

    Boundary Layer Separation

    BOUNDARY LAYER SEPARATION When fluid flows past a body (cylinder or an aeroplane), fluid is accelerated due to pressure drop and ∂p/∂x is negative (pressure decreases as x increases). When ∂p/∂x becomes zero, velocity decreases and separation of flow occurs and back flow is just to start. At the point of separation, the following are […]