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    INTERVIEW SHORT QUESTION ANSWERS-GEARS          Mech Properties-1            Q.A. Riveted Joints            Q.A. Machine Design-1              Q.A. Different Loads INTERVIEW SHORT QUESTION ANSWERS-GEARS Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an involutes profile. A. Advantages of involutes profile Manufacturing is accurate and easy. Pressure angle is constant Velocity ratio remains the same by the change of center distance.  Disadvantages […]

  • Belt-chain -Gear drives 

    Belt-chain -Gear drives 

    Belt-chain -Gear drives   Advantages of V-Belt over Flat Belt Friction is more due to groove (wedge). Thus these transmit more power. Reduced angle of contact and hence more power is transmitted There is no slip in a V-belt since belt runs in a groove.  Compact since distance between two shaft axes is less. Silent drive. […]

  • Involute and Cycloid Gear Profiles

    Involute and Cycloid Gear Profiles

      involute and Cycloid Gear Profiles (a) INVOLUTE PROFILE Curve which satisfies the law of gearing is called involute profile. STANDARD INVOLUTE PROFILES (i) 14 ½ involute, addendum length =a = 1/pd , Clearance = C = 0.157/pd , Np min =18 (ii) 200 involute, addendum length = a = 1/pd , Clearance =C = 0.2/pd ,     Np min =18 […]



    GEARS INTRODUCTION   GEAR NOMENCLATURE Gear——–   Larger gear Pinion——    smaller gear COMMON TERMINOLOGY TO PINION AND GEAR (i)    Addendum, (ii)   Dedendum (iii)  Tooth width (iv)   Tooth depth (v)    Tooth flask (vi)   Tooth face (vii)  Tooth clearance (viii)  Back lash (ix)   Pressure angle (x)   Tooth profile (xi)   Pitch […]