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    SHORT QUESTION ANSWERS-Flywheel                 flywheel theory                  flywheel design      SHORT QUESTION ANSWERS—Flywheels  Flywheels stores energy when in excess during the working stroke. Flywheel supplies back energy in suction,compression and exhaust strokes. Q. Compare the different types of flywheels. A. Comparison of high and low speed flywheels Sr. No. High speed flywheels Low speed flywheels 1. Speed […]

  • Flywheel And  Governor

    Flywheel And Governor                 flywheel theory                  flywheel design      Flywheel And  Governor   Sr. No. Flywheel Governor 1. Maintains constant speed but the means is different from that of Governor. Stores excess of rotational energy from the power stroke and supply back during non- power strokes of the cycle Maintains constant speed but the means […]