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    Belt Drive  Definition of a belt  It is in the form of a loop. It connects mechanically two shafts for transmitting power smoothly. MATERIALS OF BELTS (I) Leather (ii) Rubber (iii) Fiber/cotton (iv) Balata Standard Thicknesses of belts 5, 6.5, 8, 10 and 12 mm are the standard thicknesses. Standard widths of flat belts 25, 32, […]

  • Belt-chain -Gear drives 

    Belt-chain -Gear drives 

    Belt-chain -Gear drives   Advantages of V-Belt over Flat Belt Friction is more due to groove (wedge). Thus these transmit more power. Reduced angle of contact and hence more power is transmitted There is no slip in a V-belt since belt runs in a groove.  Compact since distance between two shaft axes is less. Silent drive. […]

  • Flat Belt Drive

    Flat Belt Drive

     Flat Belt Drive POWER TRANSMISSION The power is transmitted from one shaft to the another shaft by a belt, chain and gear drive. The belts and ropes are used where distance between the two shafts is large. The chains are used for intermediate distances. The gears are used for shorter distance between the shafts. Gear […]