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  • Refrigeration Evaporator-Fill in blanks

    Refrigeration Evaporator-Fill in blanks

    Refrigeration Evaporator-Fill in blanks It will improve the deep understanding of a evaporator used in refrigeration. Evaporators are the cooling unit in a refrigeration unit. Both dry and flooded evaporators produce cooling using latent heat. Evaporator used in the domestic units is called ————-evaporator. Commercial refrigeration uses an evaporator which is called ————-evaporator. Industrial  refrigeration […]

  • * Evaporators

    * Evaporators

    Evaporators It is cooling coil in a refrigeration system. Normally its temperature is much lower than 0 o C. The liquid refrigerant enters into the evaporator and is converted into vapor by taking latent from the items to be cooled. The items to be cooled surround the evaporator. The evaporator inlet is connected to the outlet of […]

  • *mcq Evaporators and Condensers

    *mcq Evaporators and Condensers

    mcq Evaporators and Condensers  Dry evaporators are used in domestic units. These ensure that only super heated vapor goes to the compressor for its safety. Flooded evaporators are in commercial and industrial applications, These improve the COP of the plant.    Evaporators  Dry evaporator is used in A.C. Units of capacity (a) < 3 tons […]