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  • Refrigeration Evaporator-Fill in blanks

    Refrigeration Evaporator-Fill in blanks

    Refrigeration Evaporator-Fill in blanks It will improve the deep understanding of a evaporator used in refrigeration. Evaporators are the cooling unit in a refrigeration unit. Both dry and flooded evaporators produce cooling using latent heat. Evaporator used in the domestic units is called ————-evaporator. Commercial refrigeration uses an evaporator which is called ————-evaporator. Industrial  refrigeration […]

  • Refrigeration Condenser-Fill in blanks

    Refrigeration Condenser-Fill in blanks

    Refrigeration Condenser-Fill in blanks This makes the understanding of condensers deep and clear. Thus, more fill in the blanks should be tried to further increase the knowledge. Condenser removes ——— and ——— heat.  Vapors change into liquid in the condenser at the  ———— temperature.   In the condenser, vapors change into liquid at a  ———temperature. During […]

  • Compressor-fill in the blanks

    Compressor-fill in the blanks

    Compressor-fill in the blanks Fill in the blanks makes the understanding of a refrigeration compressor deep and clear. Thus, more fill in the blanks will further increase the knowledge.  Compressor using a belt drive in a refrigeration system is called—————.  In a refrigeration system, compressor  is called the ———–of the system. The function of the […]

  • Refrigeration-Compressors


    Refrigeration-Compressors   Three types of compressors are used. These are Reciprocating compressor Rotary compressor Centrifugal compressor  Compressors used with respect to the type of drive  These are of three types. Hermetically sealed compressor–when compressor and motor has the same shaft or coupled shaft and this assembly is sealed in a single housing. Semi-open unit–The housing […]

  • Thermostatic and Automatic Expansion valves

    Thermostatic and Automatic Expansion valves

     Thermostatic and Automatic Expansion valves Expansion valve in a refrigeration system is very important as it decreases the pressure as well temperature from condenser outlet conditions to evaporator inlet conditions. Capillary tube, automatic – thermostatic expansion valves, low side and high side float valves are used as expansion devices as per cooling requirements. Each has […]

  • Refrigeration-Rotary Compressors

    Refrigeration-Rotary Compressors

    Refrigeration-Rotary Compressors Definition: This compressor compresses the refrigerant by the rotary motion of a roller eccentrically mounted in an enclosed cylinder. Function  The function is same as that of the reciprocating compressor. It compresses the refrigerant from low pressure(evaporator pressure) to high pressure (Condenser pressure) and high temperature. It also maintains the pressure difference between the […]

  • Refrigeration-Equipment-1


    Refrigeration-Equipment-1 Dry evaporators are used in domestic units where as flooded evaporators are in commercial and industrial units. Liquid suction heat exchanger ensures super heated vapor to compressor and sub-cooled refrigerant to the expansion valve. Refrigeration equipment includes compressors, condensers, evaporators,expansion valves, piping and various controls. TYPES OF EVAPORATORS: Dry expansion type and flooded type […]

  • Refrigeration-Equipment-2


    Refrigeration-Equipment-2 Reciprocating, rotary and centrifugal compressors are used for refrigerants having lower, medium and high boiling points. Air, water and evaporative condensers are used in domestic, commercial and industrial plants. Cooling tower cools the hot water from the condenser for its reuse. COMPRESSORS:(i)  Reciprocating compressors: used with lower boiling temperature (much below 00C) refrigerants and […]

  • * Evaporators

    * Evaporators

    Evaporators It is cooling coil in a refrigeration system. Normally its temperature is much lower than 0 o C. The liquid refrigerant enters into the evaporator and is converted into vapor by taking latent from the items to be cooled. The items to be cooled surround the evaporator. The evaporator inlet is connected to the outlet of […]

  • Capillary Tube

    Capillary Tube

      Capillary Tube Capillary tube is used as expansion valve in domestic refrigeration units. It is cheap and convenient. It has no moving parts and wear and tear is absent. It is used with hermetically sealed compressors.It is a very small diameter (0.026″ to 0.064″) copper tube. It is used as the expansion valve in […]