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  • Filling blanks – controls

    Filling blanks – controls

    Filling blanks – controls  Controls and safety devices in refrigeration are  extremely important to make the operation automatic and safe. Thermostat makes the motor off as soon as the pre-fixed temperature is achieved. Absence  of a thermostat will keep the refrigeration in working unnecessary resulting in the wastage of power without achieving any useful purpose. Safety […]

  • Refrigeration-On and Off Controls

    Refrigeration-On and Off Controls

     Refrigeration-On and Off Controls   There are number of automatic off and on controls for the motor compressor of a refrigeration system. These are pressure, voltage and temperature controls. (i)                 Suction Pressure Motor Controls     (a)  Low Pressure Cut out suction pressure control—It is only an OFF control. If the pressure in the evaporator becomes […]