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  • mcq- Liquefaction of gases

    mcq- Liquefaction of gases

    mcq – Liquefaction of gases When a gas is at a lower than its inversion temperature, cooling occurs on expansion. Thus, must bring gases below inversion temperatures before liquefaction. When air expands at room temperature (a) Heating is produced (b) Cooling is produced (c) Neither heating nor cooling is produced (d) None (Ans:b) When Hydrogen […]

  • mcq-Vapor Compression Refrigeration-2

    mcq-Vapor Compression Refrigeration-2

    mcq-Refrigeration-vapor compression Most commonly used method of refrigeration is vapor compression refrigeration.Cooling capacity is the cooling produced per minute. Refrigeration is measured in tons of refrigeration. (1 ton = 211kJ/min of cooling effect). Cooling effect is caused by latent heat in vapor refrigeration while by sensible heat in gas refrigeration. Sub-cooling causes increase in COP […]

  • mcq-Non Conventional Refrigeration

    mcq-Non Conventional Refrigeration

    mcq-Refrigeration-Non Conventional Steam-jet water vapor refrigeration is used for creating temperatures (a) Above Oo C (b) Below OoC (c) OoC (d) None (Ans: a) Steam vapors follow (a) Perfect gas equation (b) Boyle’s Law (c) Charles Law (d) None (Ans: d) In steam-jet refrigeration, cooling effect is produced by (a) Latent heat (b) Total heat […]

  • mcq-Refrigeration-Cascade


    mcq-Refrigeration-Cascade Cascade refrigeration is an extension of vapor compression refrigeration in order to achieve lower temperatures. Two-three-four stage systems are in use. Cascade refrigeration is applicable to (a) Air refrigeration (b) Vapor compression refrigeration (c) Vapor absorption refrigeration (d) None (Ans: b) In cascade refrigeration, number of refrigerants used is (a) ≤ One (b) ≥ Two […]

  • mcq-Refrigeration-Vapor absorption

    mcq-Refrigeration-Vapor absorption

    mcq-Refrigeration-Vapor absorption Vapor absorption refrigeration is also a vapor compression system. However means of compression are different. It causes refrigeration from heat. Vapor absorption refrigeration uses (a) Mechanical energy (b) Electric energy (c) Kinetic energy (d) None (Ans: d) Vapor absorption refrigeration uses (a) Mechanical energy (b) Electric energy (c) Heat energy (d) None (Ans: […]

  • mcq- Refrigerant Leakage

    mcq- Refrigerant Leakage

    mcq- Refrigerant Leakage Keywords: Halide torch-soap solution-electronic-vacuum test-pressure test Abstract The refrigeration system should be leak proof. Leakage in a system can be known by soap solution/halide torch/electronic detector. Before refilling of refrigerant into a system it must be ensured for leak proof by vacuum and pressure testing. Universal method of refrigerant leak detection is […]

  • mcq:  Super heating and Sub Cooling

    mcq: Super heating and Sub Cooling

    mcq: Super heating and Sub Cooling Super heating as well as sub-cooling takes place at constant pressure. Super heat is applicable to the vapor phase. The sub cooling is applicable to liquid phase. Degree of super heat is used with (a) Solids (b) Liquids (c) Vapors (d) None (Ans:c) Standard degree of super heat is […]

  • mcq: Refrigerants

    mcq: Refrigerants

    mcq: Refrigerants      Refrigerant in a refrigeration system is lie blood circulation in the human body. It causes cooling by latent heat of vaporization. Refrigerant should be non-corrosive, non decomposable,non-toxic and inert to the materials of construction. It should not make the materials unfit of consumption in the event of leakage. it must be […]

  • mcq-Refrigeration-Expansion Valves

    mcq-Refrigeration-Expansion Valves

    mcq-Refrigeration-Expansion Valves Mcq increases the understanding and clarity. More and more mcq on expansion valves used in refrigeration will be of further usefulness. Capillary tube is the expansion valve used in refrigeration and Air Conditioning  units of cooling capacity (a) < 3 tons (b) > 3 tons (c) <10 tons (d) None (Ans:a) Thermostatic expansion […]

  • *mcq Evaporators and Condensers

    *mcq Evaporators and Condensers

    mcq Evaporators and Condensers  Dry evaporators are used in domestic units. These ensure that only super heated vapor goes to the compressor for its safety. Flooded evaporators are in commercial and industrial applications, These improve the COP of the plant.    Evaporators  Dry evaporator is used in A.C. Units of capacity (a) < 3 tons […]