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  • Liquefaction of Helium and Magnetic Cooling

    Liquefaction of Helium and Magnetic Cooling

    Liquefaction of Helium, Magnetic Cooling  Liquefaction of Helium by Collins’s Cryostat Principle (i)  Polytropic expansion for pre-cooling (ii) Throttling for liquefaction. Liquefaction of helium(Fig.4) uses normal boiling liquid nitrogen for pre-cooling before the helium enters the first cascade heat exchanger. Since helium liquefies at a lower temperature than that of even hydrogen, more number of […]

  • * Magnetic Cooling

    * Magnetic Cooling

    MAGNETIC COOLING It is obtained by the magnetization followed by de-magnetization of a para-magnetic salt. It is based on the fact that there are some materials which raise their temperatures when adiabatically magnetized, and decrease their temperatures when adiabatically demagnetized. Each atom of the para-magnetic salt may be considered to be a tiny magnet. Initially the […]