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    MASS TRANSFER – 4   CONVECTIVE MASS TRANSFER AND ITS EMPIRICAL CORRELATIONSBefore discussing convective mass transfer, it is necessary to compare convective heat transfer and convective mass transfer since there is a similarity between these two. In heat transfer, there is convective heat transfer coefficient ‘ h’. Similarly there is mass transfer coefficient in mass […]



    MASS TRANSFER -3—-Fundamentals of Mass Transfer and Fick’s Laws Of Mass Transfer Fundamentals of Mass Transfer Maxwell-Stefan equations are used for the mass transfer in multi-component mixtures. Fick’s laws equations are limiting equations of Maxwell-Stefan equations. In these, it has been assumed that the mixture is extremely dilute and every chemical species is interacting only […]



    MASS TRANSFER Types of Diffusion (a) Concentration diffusion: Concentration diffusion is due to concentration gradient. Fick’s law gives a linear relation between the rate of diffusion of chemical species and the concentration gradient of that species. (b) Thermal diffusion: Diffusion due to a temperature gradient. Usually negligible unless the temperature gradient is very large. (c) […]

  • Mass Transfer–1

    Mass Transfer–1

    MASS TRANSFER- 1 Introduction Mass transfer may occur in a gas mixture Further mass transfer may occur in a liquid solution Also, mass transfer may occur in a solid. The basic mechanisms of mass transfer are the same whether the phase is a gas, or a liquid, or a solid. Driving force for mass transfer […]