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  • mcq-heat treatment

    mcq-heat treatment

    mcq-heat treatment Mcq increases the understanding and clarity about heat treatment. More mcq as well as other questions on heat treatment will be further useful.  Low carbon steel contains carbon 0.3 % 0.03% 5% None Ans: (i)  Medium carbon steel contains carbon between 0.1 to % 0.3 % 0.3% to 0.7% 0.3 to 0.5 %% […]



    MANUFACTURING: COOLANTS COOLANTS FLUIDS USED DURING MACHINING Definition Cutting fluid is a fluid which is employed during machining operations such as turning, drilling, reaming, grinding, stamping and milling. It reduces the friction and hence reduces the power requirements. It cools the tool as well as the work piece.  Cooling of the cutting tool maintains its cutting […]

  • Heat treatment

    Heat treatment

      Heat Treatment  Heat treatment of steels gives different forms of modified micro-structures and modified desired physical, chemical and strength properties.Process of heat treatment does phase transformations during heating and cooling after changing a micro-structure in a solid state. These processes are mostly thermal only (Heating and cooling) and changes only micro-structure. The object is […]

  • Metals and Non-Metals

    Metals and Non-Metals

    Metals and Non-Metals  Sr. No. Metals Non-Metals  1.  Metals are solid at room temperature. Mercury is an exception. Non-Metals are solids, liquids and gases at room temperature.  2.  These are malleable i.e. These can be changed into thin sheets under a compressive load. Non metals are not malleable. These get crushed under a compressive load. […]

  • * Standardization  and Preferred Numbers

    * Standardization and Preferred Numbers

      Standardization and Preferred Numbers STANDARDIZATION It is the development and implementation of technical standards. Standardization helps mass production for safety, quality, interchangeability and compatibility. The standards are for size, weight, quality and strength.There are National and International standards. National standards are for almost every item. In India it is BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). International standards […]



    MANUFACTURING METHODS Keywords: Product,  Casting- Forming- Joining- Machining- Rapid Prototype Methods of Manufacturing DEFINITION OF MANUFACTURING Manufacturing is a sequence of effective and economical processes to convert raw material into a useful finished product as per National or International standards. Manufacturing is wealth producing while a service sector is wealth consuming. Steel industry and semi-conductor […]

  • Limit, Tolerance and Allowance

    Limit, Tolerance and Allowance

    Limit, Tolerance and Allowance Nominal size It is the normal size of a part or a component. For example 10 mm diameter shaft Deviation (limit) The difference between actual size and the nominal size. Positive deviation (upper limit) It is the difference between the maximum permissible actual size and the nominal size. For example the […]