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  • Pressure Drop-3

    Pressure Drop-3

    Pressure Drop -3 Minor Pressure losses Pressure drop takes place with fluids moving in pipes/channels.There are three methods for finding minor pressure loss in pipe fittings. 1. The equivalent length method——Equivalent length for each type of pipe fitting has been prescribed so that frictional pressure drop in that length can be calculated by the usual […]

  • Pressure and its measurement

    Pressure and its measurement

    Pressure and its measurement PRESSURE OF A FLUID:  NORMAL force of fluid per unit area. Its units are Pascal and bars. Pascal = 1 N/m 2 bar = 740 mm of Hg = 10 m of water 1 atmospheric pressure  = 101.3 k Pa=760 mm of Hg = 10.3 m of water=14.7 psi = 1 ata […]

  • *Pressure Drop-1

    *Pressure Drop-1

    PRESSURE DROP-1 It is difference of pressure between two points in a fluid flow. These two points can be at horizontal level or at different levels. (i)Pressure drop is the driving force for the flow of a fluid. (ii) Likewise temperature difference is the driving force for heat transfer. (iii) Voltage difference is the driving […]