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  • Mcq on cavitation

    Mcq on cavitation

                     Mcq on cavitation ·         1. Cavitation is a process of (a) Liquid formation (b) Vapor formation (c) Neither vapor nor liquid formation (d) None ANS: (b) Cavitation is found in (a) An accelerated liquid flow (b) De-accelerated flow (c) Gas flow (d) None ANS: (a) The accelerated flow […]


    Mcq ON WATER HAMMER      Types of fluid flow-1       Fluid properties & forces Mcq ON WATER HAMMER The other name of water hammer is (a) Shock wave (b) Fluid blow (c) Water blow (d) None ANS: ( c) Water hammer is due to (a) Sudden change in internal energy (b) Sudden change in potential energy (c) Sudden […]

  • * Mcq-Manometers

    * Mcq-Manometers

     Mcq–Manometers It increases the in depth knowledge regarding Piezometer, different manometers and Bourdon tube gauge. A Piezometer is used to measure the pressure of a (a) Gas (b) Liquid (c) Gas as well as liquid (d) None (Ans: b) A Piezometer is used to measure (a) Vacuum pressure (b) High pressure (c) Vacuum as well […]