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  • DRAG


    DRAG Drag is a force of resistance when a body is moving in water or air. In air, it is called aerodynamic drag. It is expressed in Newton’s. It is always against the thrust force. It opposes forward motion.  Drag force  is present in a moving fluid. It is found in fluid dynamics. It is a […]

  • Bernoulli’s Energy and Momentum equations

    Bernoulli’s Energy and Momentum equations

    BERNOULLI ENERGY AND MOMENTUM EQUATIONS Bernoulli Equation The equation comes from Newton’s law of motion. Assumptions used in deriving Bernoulli’s equation: Flow is steady In compressible flow Non-viscous flow (ideal fluid with zero viscosity) No losses and no energy exchanges Further, Bernoulli’s equation states that “Total head of a flowing fluid is constant or total […]

  • * Compressible flow

    * Compressible flow

    Compressible flow Compressible flow is that branch of fluid mechanics which deals with flow of fluids having significant changes in fluid density. Gases display such a behavior since liquids are in-compressible.  Mach number  (the ratio of the speed of the fluid flow to the speed of sound) decides about the compressible and in-compressible flow.When Mach number […]

  • Dimensionless Numbers and prototype

    Dimensionless Numbers and prototype

    Dimensionless Numbers and prototype These numbers are used in the development of a model of a prototype. A prototype means an actual object. A prototype can be a big object like an airplane, a dam and a turbine. A model in case of a big object will be a smaller.This model is made and tested for geometric, […]

  • Compressible Flow

    Compressible Flow

     Compressible Flow NORMAL SHOCK IN A COMPRESSIBLE FLUID FLOW When the flow passes from a supersonic to subsonic in a SMALL distance, the velocity decreases suddenly and pressure rises sharply. This sudden pressure rise is a normal to the pipe surface and is called the NORMAL SHOCK. It happens only in a compressible flow (gas […]