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  • mcqs-riveted and screwed joints

    mcqs-riveted and screwed joints

    mcqs— riveted and screwed joints Diagonal pitch is found in riveted joints with Chain riveting Zigzag riveting  riveting chain as well as zigzag None Ans: (ii) Distance between rivets in adjacent rows of a zigzag riveted joint is called Back pitch Marginal pitch Diagonal pitch None Ans: (iii) Tearing efficiency of a riveted joint is […]

  • mcq on Riveted joints

    mcq on Riveted joints

    mcq on Riveted joints Riveted joints are permanent joints. These are used in high temperature applications. These can be made leak proof by Caulking and Fullering methods. It increases the understanding regarding diameter, pitch, single-double strap, single-double shearing, margin and different types of failure of a riveted joint. A riveted joint is suitable for Low […]

  • mcq- Welded joints

    mcq- Welded joints

    mcq- Welded joints Strength of a welded joint increases by radio graphing by 10 % 12% 15% None Ans: (ii)  Welded joint strength increases due to annealing by 6% 10% 14% None Ans: (i) Why are butt welded joints longitudinal joints ? High strength requirements Low strength requirements Low as well as high strength requirements […]