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   Compressed air has numerous applications. These include industrial,

medical and agricultural.

  1. Used for painting vehicles in an auto body shop

  2. Sand blasting in an auto body shop or in woodworking

  3. Making snow at ski- hills or for entertainment uses

  4. Using pneumatic nail guns for roofing

  5. Providing dental and medical services

  6. Using pneumatic drills and hammers on construction sites

  7. Powering various air tools in an automotive repair shop

  8. Utilized in air blowgun to clean machinery

  9. Used in agriculture for spraying crops

  10. Operate power dairy machines

  11. To operate pneumatic material handling equipment

  12.  Used in manufacturing units. Operating air tools on production lines. Further, does cutting and welding. Ejects small pieces from molds.

  13. Used for blowing a molded gas tank

  14.  Drives screws and tightens the nuts.

  15. Quality cleaning of garments.

  16.  Found in medical applications. Moves the product  on conveyor system. Sprays coatings on medicines.

  17.  Operates pneumatic tools in oil exploration. Inserts and withdraw reactor rods. Powers ventilation systems for boiler houses.

  18. Tools operated by compressed air are durable, clean, increase production and efficiency.

  19. Use of compressed air is expensive. Its cost can be reduced. Use air recovered from compressor cooling for space heating and process water heating

  20. Compressed air is more favorable in high risk of fire and explosion applications. These are oil and gas platforms, mines, tunnels.

  21. Food and beverage manufacturing industries use compressed air for various production tasks.

  22.   Found for Packing products.

  23.  Employed  for propelling vehicles.

  24.  Agitates water in the manufacture of ice.

  25.  Operates large number of controls.

  26.  Inflates vehicle tires.

  27. Used in cleaning vehicles.

  28. Use of compressed air is reliable, versatile and safe.