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  • mcq: change of entropy-Carnot cycle

    mcq: change of entropy-Carnot cycle

    mcq: change of entropy-Carnot cycle In the Carnot Cycle, equations are there for the change of entropy in a process. Increase of entropy is undesirable as it reduces availability. Entropy of a refrigerant is zero in S.I. units at a temperature of 00C -400C +1000C (None Ans: (ii) Change of entropy during heating at constant […]

  • Types of engines

    Types of engines

     Types of engines ENGINE Definition of an engine An engine is a device which does two functions (i)Produces motion (produces power) as in a scooter/bike, car, bus, train and aircraft (ii) Produces electricity as in generators and vehicles An engine is also a prime mover.    TYPES OF ENGINES There are many considerations for the […]



    A Thermodynamic Cycle consists of thermodynamic processes in series and such that system returns to its initial starting point. (a)    POWER CYCLES (HEAT ENGINE CYCLES) WITH EXTERNAL COMBUSTION Cycle Process 1—2(compression) Process 2—3(heat addition) Process 3—4(Expansion) Process 4—1(Heat rejection) Remarks CARNOT CYCLE ISENTROPIC ISOTHERMAL ISENTROPIC ISOTHERMAL IDEAL HEAT ENGINE CYCLE BELL COLEMAN CYCLE ADIABATIC ISOBARIC […]