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    NOZZLE HIGHLIGHTS  There is conversion of pressure into kinetic energy. There is work done in a nozzle. There is no energy transfer in a nozzle. Nozzle is considered horizontal unless otherwise stated i. e. Z1 = Z2 Convergent nozzle is used in industry as spray nozzles. Convergent nozzles are used in all aircrafts. Convergent –divergent […]

  • THERMODYNAMICS: Nozzle and diffuser

    THERMODYNAMICS: Nozzle and diffuser

    THERMODYNAMICS: Nozzle and diffuser  Definition of a nozzle It is a duct (passage) of variable cross section (area decreases from entrance onwards) in which velocity increases and pressure decreases. It is true as long as velocity at the inlet of the nozzle is sub-sonic i.e. velocity is less the velocity of sound or Mach number […]



    STEAM NOZZLES NOZZLES A nozzle is a passage of variable cross section. A nozzle is used to produce high velocity jet by converting   (i) Pressure energy into kinetic energy   (ii) Enthalpy into kinetic energy   (iii) Solar energy into electrical energy These jets may be (a) Sub-sonic (b) Sonic  (c) Super-sonic These jets […]

  • * Boundary Layer Separation

    * Boundary Layer Separation

    BOUNDARY LAYER SEPARATION When fluid flows past a body (cylinder or an aeroplane), fluid is accelerated due to pressure drop and ∂p/∂x is negative (pressure decreases as x increases). Here ∂p/∂x becomes zero. Velocity decreases and separation of flow occurs and back flow is just to start. At the point of separation, the following are […]