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  • Thick Cylindrical vessel-3

    Thick Cylindrical vessel-3

    Thick Cylindrical  vessel-3 Keywords: hoop shrinking-pre-stressing, Fabrication stresses                               Stress AB = –2psr22/ (r22 –r12)  compressive Stress CD = ps(r32+r22)/ (r32 –r22)    Tensile Stress AA’ = p((r32+r12)/ (r32 –r12) Stress CC’ = pr12((r32+r22)/[r22(r32 –r12)] Final stress at A = AA’ – AB=p((r32+r12)/ (r32 […]

  • Radial deflection-thick shell

    Radial deflection-thick shell

    Radial deflection-thick shell Keywords: Hoop shrinking, shrinkage pressure, Pre-stresses, Circumferential strain Hot Outer cylinder (called the jacket with radii as r2 and r3) is put on to the inner cylinder (with radii as r1 and r2) and is allowed to cool. A pressure will be developed both on the jacket and the cylinder. Let ps […]

  • Thick Cylindrical Shell-2

    Thick Cylindrical Shell-2

      Thick Cylindrical Shell-2 Keywords:  Internal pressure- external pressure- hoop shrinking 1. Only internal pressure pi  is there and po =0 σhmax = [pi(ri2+ro2]/ (ro2 –ri2) σhmax  >  pi σr max = pi σhmax > σr max Both σhmax and σr max occur at the innermost radius and σhmax is always greater than the σr […]

  • Lame’s equations

    Lame’s equations

    Lame’s equations Keywords: circumferential stress-longitudinal stress-radial stress Lame’s Equations are σh = β/r2 + α σr = β/r2 – α Where α and β are Lame’s constants There is a thick vessel subjected to internal fluid pressure pi at the inner radius ri and external fluid pressure po at the outer radius ro respectively. We […]

  • Thick shell-1

    Thick shell-1

    Thick shell-1 Keywords: Hoop stress- radial stress-longitudinal stress Stresses in a thin shell were uniform whereas stresses in a thick shell are variable. Interest lies in the determination of maximum stresses and their location. We have already learnt about thin shells where stresses were assumed to be uniform in the thickness of the vessel. i.e. […]

  • * S O M– Short Interview Question Answers—Thin and thick shells

    * S O M– Short Interview Question Answers—Thin and thick shells

     S O M–  Short Interview Question Answers– Thin and thick shells  What is a thin sell? where D/t > 20 and where stress are uniform from the inner surface to the outer surface of the shell.  What are the various types of thin shells? Two types: (i) Cylindrical like a pipe (ii) Spherical like a […]