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  • **Design of Pressure Vessels–3

    **Design of Pressure Vessels–3

    Design of Pressure Vessels–3 DESIGN OF THIN WALLED PRESSURE VESSELS There are two types of thin walled pressure vessels. (i) Thin walled welded pressure vessels (ii) Thin walled riveted pressure vessels Design of a pressure vessel consists of two parts. Design of Shell Design of Head(s) or End Closure(s) Design of shell includes (i) Selection […]

  • *Design of Pressure Vessels–2

    *Design of Pressure Vessels–2

    Design of Pressure Vessels–2 Definition of a sheet SHEET when t < 6 mm (Normally thin walled pressure vessels) PLATE when t > 6 mm ( Normally thick walled pressure vessels) COMMONLY USED GAGE NUMBERS OF SHEETS Gage No.                     Thickness of sheet 22                                0.028”  (0.7 mm) 20                                0.035”   (0.875 mm) 18                                0.049”   (1.225 […]

  • Design of Pressure Vessels–1

    Design of Pressure Vessels–1

    DESIGN OF PRESSURE VESSELS –1   DEFINITION OF A PRESSURE VESSEL Pressure vessel is a closed container having fluid under pressure. Types of pressure vessels (a)   Storage pressure vessels LPG cylinder Oxygen cylinder Nitrogen cylinder Hydrogen cylinder Acetylene cylinder LPG spherical shell Automobile tyres Shaving cream cans Tooth paste cans (b)   Process vessels Autoclave—High pressure […]

  • Discontinuity Stresses

    Discontinuity Stresses

    DISCONTINUITY STRESSES A designer should establish the type of discontinuity and then discontinuity stresses in design of pressure vessels /pipes. Two types of discontinuities (i)                 Gross structural discontinuity (ii)                Local  structural discontinuity Gross Structural Discontinuity A discontinuity which increases the stress or strain which affect a relatively large portion of the structure. It significantly affects the overall […]