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trouble shooting




The internal combustion (I C) engines are most common since these are an integral part of every vehicle. These are also very common to various machines and equipment’s. There are numerous troubles associated with it. Many troubles can be overcome by learning properly the starting and operating the engine as  prescribed procedure in the manufacturer catalog. Experience is the best teacher to sense the trouble and take appropriate action to tackle the trouble.

The procedures for trouble shooting of internal-combustion engines are somewhat similar for both diesel and gasoline engines. However some major differences are also there which must not be overlooked. Many of the problems can be overcome by inspection and may not require major repair or overhauling of the engine.Troubles are identified from the engine erratic operation and warning by the readings of the various instruments. Successful troubleshooter is one who has the ability to recognize the symptoms for a certain trouble and is also able to locate the trouble. Then, one must be able to decide quickly what corrective action is to be taken. Various troubles are mechanical, electrical, chemical,, noise and air pollution nature. Some of the common problems are listed below:

  1. Engine starting problems-Engine fails to start
  2. Bad Air fuel mixture- Engine do not start the fuel system
  3. Lack of compression- No ignition
  4. Combustion problems
  5. Rusting problems
  6. Belt problems
  7. Coolant problems
  8. Detonation
  9. Knocking problem
  10. Air Pollution problems
  11. Noise problems
  12. Stopping problems
  13. Battery problems
  14. Braking problem
  15. Clutch problem
  16. Accelerator problem
  17. Lubrication problem
  18. Air Filter problem
  19. Radiator problem
  20. Thermostat problem
  21. Alignment problem
  22. Balancing problem
  23. Governor Problem
  24. Fuel injection problem
  25. Visibility problem
  26. Emission problem
  27. Lower thermal efficiency
  28. Lower volumetric efficiency
  29. Leaking problem
  30. Sealing Problem
  31. Lighting problem
  32. Steering problem
  33. Gear box problem
  34.  Idling not smooth
  35. Engine pick up problem
  36.  Smoke problem
  37.  Overheating problem