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    BUKINGHAM π METHOD PROCEDURE FOR BUKINGHAM’S  π METHOD Let total variables be ( X1, X2, X3, …, Xn ) = n , say n=6 Write X1 = F ( X2, X3, …, Xn) Now write it in the equation form containing n variables as           F1 ( X1, X2, X3, …, Xn) = 0 Let m be the total fundamental dimensions for the n variables, say m= 4=M,L,T, θ Then number of dimensionless group in this case will […]

  • Free and Forced Convection

    Free and Forced Convection

     Free and Forced Convection Free Convection  TABLE: (i) CRITERIA FOR LAMINAR FLOW & TURBULENT FLOW IN FREE CONVECTION                     (ii) THE IMPERICAL CORRELATION  in Free Convection Free Convection Laminar condition Turbulent condition Over a horizontal flat plate with hot surface upwards Gr Pr < 109   Nu=0.54 […]

  • * Dimensional Analysis–Part–2

    * Dimensional Analysis–Part–2

    Dimensional Analysis–Part–2 NOTE: Rayleigh method is applicable as long as total number of variables is 5. For more than five variables, number of equation to be solved is much more than the quantities to be found. Buckingham π theorem Buckingham π theorem is the most commonly used method. It is an improvement over Rayleigh’s Method. Rayleigh’s […]