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  • mcqs-riveted and screwed joints

    mcqs-riveted and screwed joints

    mcqs— riveted and screwed joints Diagonal pitch is found in riveted joints with Chain riveting Zigzag riveting  riveting chain as well as zigzag None Ans: (ii) Distance between rivets in adjacent rows of a zigzag riveted joint is called Back pitch Marginal pitch Diagonal pitch None Ans: (iii) Tearing efficiency of a riveted joint is […]

  • mcqs-drawing -riveted joints

    mcqs-drawing -riveted joints

    mcqs-drawing -riveted joints   Abstract It deals with temporary permanents joints and their practical applications. It increase the understanding regarding diameter, pitch, single-double strap, single-double shearing, margin and different failure of a riveted joint. RIVETED JOINTS 1. A riveted joint is suitable for Low temperature service Medium temperature service High temperature service None Ans: (iii) […]

  • mcqs-drawing of welded joints

    mcqs-drawing of welded joints

    mcqs-drawing of welded joints Strength of a welded joint increases by radio graphing and subsequent required re-welding by 10 % 12% 15% None Ans: (ii)  Welded joint strength increases by annealing by 6% 10% 14% None Ans: (i) Why are butt welded joints used in longitudinal joints because of ? High strength requirements Low strength […]